“I found Julie through one of the language tutor websites.  She was one of three I short-listed on the basis of location, she was a native French-speaker and her qualifications.

Right from the first few emails she was easy to get along with and engaging – even picking up a few corrections in my badly written French emails.

I have been working with Julie now for about two months for one hour each week.  Most of our time is just general conversation and from that she is very good at picking up areas for improvement in my French which is probably somewhere between O and AL level.  She follows this up with a quick tutorial and some handouts/exercises to focus on the areas of weakness.  She is very encouraging to get me to speak as much as possible which is helping me achieve my main objective of improving my spoken language skills.  I find when I study on my own I can learn much but there is no substitute for an hour of conversation and good feedback with a native French speaker to really assess your progress.

Julie is always upbeat and puts good energy into our conversations.  We have found some common ground on humour and interests so the sessions are always very enjoyable as well as educational. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie as a tutor.”


“Julie has been and still is a great French teacher for both my children; (Year 9 & Year 6) preparing them both for 13+ and GCSE level.

Julie is fun and easy to talk to, my children enjoy her lessons and their confidence in speaking French growing. They have had lessons face to face and on Skype.

I can highly recommend Julie and only wish I had time to brush up my French as it all seems great fun.”


“I was very fortunate the day Julie walked in to my life. I wanted to learn to speak French and my starting point was literally zero.  A year on I am pleased to say I can go to France and speak with confidence.  I have also learnt  a  lot about the French culture and customs thanks to my time with Julie. Learning a language is a long process,   however, I have to say given Julie makes the lessons fun it is never stressful and I still look forward to going to my lessons on a weekly basis.”


“Unfortunately, not having had any French language tuition at school and having the dream of retiring in France. I decided to start having one to one tuition with a French teacher once a week. I have been under the guidance of Miss Julie Poulain for the last 5 months. I have to say that during this time my command of the French language has progressed at an extra ordinary rate. This has been due to the excellent teaching methods that Julie has provided. Her manner and patience are outstanding and she is an outstanding teacher. In no time at all, I was able to hold a basic conversation, asking and answering questions about family, work, the weather, time, dates, hobbies etc and considering I had no knowledge of French, I am more than pleased with the level I am at now. My weekly sessions now feel like I am going to a friends house for a chat !

In summary, I cannot praise Julie high enough and would recommend her to anyone of any age who wishes to learn the French language. “


“Dasha enjoys her French sessions with Julie.  She can’t wait until next lesson and clearly has fun in the process. The one-to one sessions boosted her confidence with French generally but especially with the comprehension part.

We found Julie to be approachable, patient, kind, calm and encouraging. We definitely recommend Julie.”


“My 3 children have each reaped the benefits of online lessons with Julie. She is an excellent teacher with a natural ability to stimulate and motivate young minds. Her command of IT is first rate and, in the eyes of my children, this adds excitement to the lessons. There is no doubt that they prefer the online experience to being tutored in person.

The work my eldest son did with Julie in the run-up to CE gave a real boost to his confidence and quite probably improved his mark by a grade.”